Dolphin Ruler


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Size: 15cm

Age Rating: 3 years +

Approval: CE

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The Dolphin Ruler is a fantastic addition to any child’s pencil case, ideal for measuring and drawing straight lines with a touch of fun and creativity. Designed for children aged three years and above, this ruler is perfect for both home and school use.

Measuring 15 cm in length, the Dolphin Ruler features a vibrant blue colour scheme and an eye-catching dolphin design. The ruler is made from durable plastic material, ensuring that it can withstand the rough and tumble of everyday use. The dolphin’s body serves as the measuring scale, with clear markings every centimetre, making it easy for children to measure their work accurately.

The ruler also features a handy conversion chart on the reverse side, providing a quick reference guide for converting between different units of measurement. This is an excellent feature for children who are just beginning to learn about measurement and math, as it allows them to see how different units of measurement relate to one another.

The Dolphin Ruler is an excellent tool for encouraging children to learn through play. By using this ruler, children can practice their measuring and drawing skills, as well as their creativity, as they incorporate the dolphin design into their artwork. It can also be used as a prop for imaginative play, with children using it to measure imaginary objects and animals.

One of the best things about the Dolphin Ruler is that it is affordable, making it a perfect pocket money toy for children. The price point means that children can buy it for themselves or receive it as a gift without breaking the bank, making it an excellent choice for parents and gift-givers.

Overall, the Dolphin Ruler is a fun and functional toy that serves as a valuable learning tool for children. With its vibrant design, clear markings, and convenient conversion chart, it’s an excellent choice for parents and teachers looking to encourage children’s learning and creativity. So, why not add this adorable ruler to your child’s pencil case today and watch their eyes light up with delight!